Kubota DPF Regeneration

Jan 21, 2019

To start the new year off, I thought we would post the general guidelines for Kubota Tractor DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Regeneration. Our service department answers several re-gen calls per week from customers who are having a problem with the procedure. First and foremost, you should refer to your Owner’s Manual and become familiar with the procedure for your specific model as the procedure can vary slightly from one model to another.

 Typical DPF Regeneration Instructions

· The Regeneration process must be started and completed when the light begins to flash.

· Refer to Owner’s Manual to review the buttons and location of lights that will flash.

· This process will only work when the Particulate Filter is full and Regeneration is required.

· 2 modes - Parked Regeneration & Auto Regeneration

· Parked Regeneration:

 1. Apply Parking Brake, straighten wheels, verify that the PTO is off

 2. Return throttle to idle

 3. Wait for parked Regeneration switch to start flashing, then press the switch

 4. The parked Regeneration switch light will remain “ON” constantly during the cycle.

 5. The engine RPM will automatically rise and the Regeneration process will begin.

 6. Make sure both of the indicators stay “ON” while Regenerating. When they go off, it is safe to move the tractor and resume work.

 7. ***During the Regeneration cycle, do not touch any of the levers, throttle, direction control, or switches. Do not change the engine RPM or the Regeneration process will be interrupted and you will have to start over. Stay in the operator’s seat during the Regeneration Process.

· Auto Regeneration:

 1. Start the engine and press the auto Regeneration switch, the switch will illuminate.

 2. When the switch begins to flash, the Regeneration process will begin automatically.

 3. If the engine RPM starts flashing, keep working and increase the engine RPM until the indicator turns off.

o NOTE: if the engine load is too heavy, the increase RPM indicator may continue to flash.

 4. When the Regeneration conditions are satisfied, the indicator stops flashing and remains “ON”. The regeneration will begin automatically whether the tractor is in motion or stationary. When the Regeneration cycle is complete, the indicator turns off.

o NOTE: If you press the auto Regeneration switch during regeneration, the cycle will be interrupted and the Auto Regeneration is turned off. Do Not lower engine RPM during Regeneration or the cycle will be interrupted.

***Please keep in mind that these are general guidelines and steps may vary from model to model. It is always good practice to refer to your Owner’s Manual for the re-gen instructions that are specific to the model tractor you are operating. ***



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